Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery, also commonly referred to as reduction mammaplasty. The breast reduction surgery removes fat, breast tissue, and skin from the breasts to create a more balanced and lighter look and feel of the breasts.. For women with large breasts, this surgery often eases discomfort caused by larger breasts.

If you have large breasts that feel out of proportion to your body, a breast reduction surgery at MD Brothers could be right for you.

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Why do people choose to have a breast reduction?

Many people opt to have breast reduction surgery if they have large breasts that cause the following problems:

  • Chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • Skin irritation under the breasts
  • Not being able to take part in some activities and athletics
  • Low self-confidence due to large breasts
  • Trouble fitting into bras and clothing

Benefits of a breast reduction:

  • Ease discomfort caused by breasts
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Improves the ability to partake in physical activities and sports

Am I a good candidate for a breast reduction?

To be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery, several of the following should apply to you:

  • Bothered by feelings though their breasts are too large
  • Struggling with physical activity and sports due to the size of their breasts
  • Experiencing upper body and back pain caused by the weight of their breasts
  • Overall healthy individuals and nonsmokers
  • Individuals with realistic and specific goals in mind for breast reduction

Breast Reduction Recovery

All breast reduction patients heal at different rates. Usually, it takes one to two weeks for the initial healing period. Sutures are removed after the initial healing period. Patients can expect to be bandaged on the incision site immediately following the procedure.

In the weeks following the surgery, patients are required to wear a compression bra for as long as their surgeon advises to assist in the healing process and reduce swelling. Swelling subsides over the weeks and months after the breast reduction surgery.

After the procedure, there are some rules and expectations to follow in order to heal properly. Exercise, bending, and lifting anything more than small or light objects must be avoided for at least a few weeks following surgery. Once the initial incisions have healed, patients can gradually resume normal activities, as allowed by surgeon instructions.

Successful breast reduction surgery can be life-changing for many patients, improving their daily life and confidence levels. If you want to hear more about breast reduction surgery, please contact MD Brothers in Chicago, IL at (312) 416-6172.